Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yet another amazing day at the Home and Life Orphanage

I only have a few moments to post a few things as we are off to the beach with the Holland House Orphanage.  These children have not had an outing in 6 months.  Thanks Paula for sponsoring this!  I will send pictures! 

We started out the day yesterday by taking Rosa, Kate, Bay, and Boy to a large grocery store to buy some much needed food.  They were so happy and very grateful.  Thanks to all of you who bought the hand sanitizer.  It is making a difference!

We then went back to the orphanage to help them paint a new bathroom that they built.  It felt so good to be able to help that way as well, and the kids of course thought that was the greatest thing ever.  But boy, were they a mess...

I've got to run, so I'll finish writing about our amazing day when I get back! :)

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