Thursday, January 20, 2011

Working in the organic garden

I am still so impressed with this orphanage.  I wish I could tell you every experience we are having here.  There are a hundred moments a day I wish I could write about.   We were able to help the children with their "chores" in working in their garden.  This garden is a main source of food for them.  They grow many different fruits and vegetables.  I love that they are learning these skills.  It will help them the rest of their life.  They are very proactive here in teaching the children many different things to help them be well rounded.  They have an English tutor (volunteer) that comes every Wed. to teach the children, they have learned how to prepare and cook food, paint, garden, do wash, and most importantly, care for each other.  They know how to do more things independently than my own children do, because they have to.  Everybody has to pitch in to make it work.  There is a fantastic feeling of unity and of doing things for the betterment of all here. 
Here is one of our moments in the garden with the children.

I love that my kids were hot, tired, and a mess at the end of gardening.  You could see the feeling of accomplishment in all their faces.  They knew they had really done something to help and they had had a good time doing it.  There was a little bit of a mud and water fight and definitely some worm and spider throwing.  Fun and work, the best combo out there.
I have to say, as a mother, watching and working alongside my kids was a memory I'll never forget.  I was so proud that they have a father that has taught them to work hard.  My kids can attest that there is no getting out of hard work at our house.  Their father is a native Idahoan!  I don't think my children would be able to do all that they are doing here if Matt had not instilled that quality in them from the very beginning. It made me think how we need to prepare ourselves and our children for things before they actually happen.  It is too late to train and prepare once it is show time.

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