Saturday, January 7, 2012

On the road again...

I decided to give an updated picture since I have not blogged in so long.  This last photo is a more accurate picture of the process of getting one photo where everyone is looking. 

Some of you may have heard  that our family has decided to hit the road again.  It was quite the process to get to where we are today.  It came with sleepless nights, moments of pure joy, comments from people who think we are crazy, lots of organizing, PRAYER, tender mercies, a nervous stomach, peace, and some great conversations.  Once we got through the "deciding" it has been so neat to see the hand of the Lord in this humanitarian trip.  We are very, very grateful.

When I have a little more time I will get into the details of it all.  We have had some really neat experiences that have directed us to the places we are going.  I still stand in awe at how it has all come together.

We start out in Cambodia on Jan 22 where we will stay with a wonderful lady named Botevy who has run this orphanage for many years.  Her story is not to be missed.
A women of great faith and hope.  I have never met her, but feel like she is already a great friend.  We will spend 3 1/2 weeks there helping them and setting up new gardens for them.  They used to grow mushrooms to sell, but their ground is so depleted that nothing will grow anymore.  We are going to bring in fertilizer and get their ground ready to plant again.  We will also help people in the local surrounding area with housing and food needs.  I am a people person.  One of my favorite parts of adventures like this is meeting the people and really being submersed into local life.  What a treat.

We will finish there with a weekend field trip to a historical site that is a few hours away called Angkor Wat.  The children have never been there, or anywhere, for that matter.   Botevy said that when she told them they were going they all sent out a load cheer.  It warmed my heart. 

I've got to run, but I will write tonight and tell how we came into contact with this orphanage.

XOXO, Ally