Friday, February 11, 2011

Elle's Bunny

My very best friend since I can remember emailed me the sweetest story while we were in Thailand about her daughter Elle.  Amy had been showing Elle and Gwen the pictures of the orphans.  Elle said, "Mom, we need to send them some of our old clothes that we don't wear anymore.  That would really help them."  An hour later Amy heard crying from Elle and Gwen in their room.  She went in there and they were crying because they felt so sad for them.  She told her mom that she wanted to send them her bunny.  This is a bunny that she has had since she was tiny, sleeps with, and is basically her little bit of comfort that she carries with her.  Amy said that somewhere in Elle's little heart she knew that sending them "her old clothes that she didn't wear anymore" was not enough.  She wanted to give something more.  She wanted to give something to them that would give them as much joy as bunny had brought to her. (you can see the pictures of Elle before she sent it off)
That is the reason right there we are supposed to "become as a little child."  Their hearts are so sincere and giving.  Life has not made them sarcastic, sceptical, judgemental, or selfish yet.  With a few exceptions, children have happy, carefree spirits--love anyone and will forgive a tired mom in an instant.
Just before we left "bunny" arrived.  I was so happy when it arrived!  I wanted so badly for Elle to have a picture with Beam holding her bunny.  I am going to frame the picture and send it to her as a keepsake of her giving heart.

My heart was so heavy as I knew the time was approaching to say goodbye to these children that I wanted so desperately to bring home with me.  Liv and I walked over to Beam and gave her the bunny.  Beam had pure delight in her eyes.  Something just for her.  I know that the love that was behind that bunny landing in her arms was felt by Beam.

Whenever the children get anything they, without even thinking, put their hands together like this and courtsey while they say "sawadeekah" (absolutely not how they spell it, this is just what it sounds like.)  It is my very favorite thing about their culture.

Sweet Elle, thank you for sharing something so dear to you to make someone else happy :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Returning Home

Do you like how I have not blogged once since I have been home?  My friend nicely pointed that out to me...
But, I do have valid excuses.  We left a week ago and I have not slept more than 2 hours at a time dealing with the children's jet lag.  When you add 4 of the kids having high fevers, croup, and vomiting it is a perfect situation for complete insomnia and not one extra minute for anything-including the 142 loads of laundry waiting for me.  I'm not complaining, just filling you in :) 
I do have so much more to write about Thailand that I did not have time to do there, so keep checking when you get a minute. 
We are all missing the children so much.  We get emails, pictures, and notes on FB from them and it makes me want to hop on a plane immediately!  The whole experience was like a dream.