Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's never felt so good to get so dirty...

Clean has a new meaning to us of late.  Clean no longer means no dirty fingernails, clean clothes, scrubbed up and antibacterialized.  Clean now means, we have rinsed off on a river and hope we don't get Giardia.  It is so interesting to me how quickly we can adapt as people.  In America, we are clean to a fault sometimes.  Becoming so obsessed with not touching dirty things, using antibacterial wipes and sanitizer (I now find it so funny that that is what we sold to raise money!)  on everything-pretty much getting grossed out too much over things.  I think it prevents us from being able to experience real life. 
My kids at the beginning were so worried about what they were touching and eating.  We were putting hand sanitizer on every moment we could.  We still use it now, but we remember maybe once a day.  I started to realize how over protective and worried we get over germs.  It makes me laugh when I think about it now.  My kids are always dirty here and they have LOVED every minute of it.  I will admit, we also do love to come home and shower! 
 Charlotte however, still refuses to use their "toilets."  She dry heaves and says "that's so yucky" when we try to have her use it.  So, she is very happy to undress and just go in some dirt somewhere.  Wish I had a picture of it! But here are some of our "loving the dirt" pictures.

 Really, could she get any dirtier?!  She is soaking wet with dirt and paint all over her, but having the time of her life putting sand down her back.

 Getting "cleaned off" after working in the garden...
So, go relax and let some dirt into your life :)!

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