Sunday, January 16, 2011

A ride on an elephant. We had to ask ourselves, Are we really doing this?!

We decided to take a day and let the kids go ride an elephant.  Charlotte and Ashton have been so good, but we could tell they needed a little break.  We loaded up and listened to the typical kid jargon in the car--crying, stop touching me, I am car sick, can I please sit in the front, wrestling, he's touching me, screaming, and the infamous, "How much longer"...along with Olivia's sweet singing voice, and lots of laughter.

We made it and there was a baby elephant there that the kids could feed bananas to.  They loved it.  If you said, "Say thank you" to the elephant he would take  bow.  I have seen elephants in a zoo before, but I am telling you they were absolutely amazing!  They were majestic.  The sheer size of them is jaw dropping.  All of God's creations are so different.  The elephant is truly a unique animal. 
The guide let the kids take turns sitting on his neck.  I think Tyler really thought he was Mogely from Jungle Book.  He was in his element and he was relishing every moment of it. He and Charlotte would live in a jungle bare foot and shirtless if they could.


  1. Hey Aly! I'm enjoying reading of your families adventures. Th elephant looks fun. but I have to say that the picture of your little one with the snake makes my hands sweat!! Have fun!

  2. It is definitely a different culture when you get to be so up close and personal with animals that you don't even get to touch here in the U.S. We thoroughly enjoyed our adventures in Asia for a year and a half and love reading your blog. This will be so life changing for your family and memories they will have forever. (Tracey Larson)