Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Home and Life Orphanage

You are all going to be tired of me saying "Today was the most incredible day!"  Our experience here continues to teach us, change us, simplify our needs and wants in life, and give us a desire to do as much as we can while we are here (and when we get home.)  I hope I never forget any of this when I am home.  I am so afraid of going home and slipping back to how life used to be.  If any of you that live by me ever hear me complain about having to do laundry, dishes, cleaning, or carpooling you have my permission to put both hands on my shoulders and shake me.  Just say the word "orphans" and that will shake some sense in me.  If I ever complain about my hair, having nothing to wear, and needing a break just say "Root and Rosa" and that will bring me to my senses.
The Home and Life Orphanage was started by a husband and wife and a brother in law 4 years ago.  Root was working in a large corporation (he speaks perfect English) and his wife Rosa worked for the government.  This couple was definitely in the upper middle class here in Thailand.  They decided to give more and change their lifestyle.  So, after the Tsunami they opened this orphanage with Rosa's brother.  They now have 36 children from 5 to 17.  It is nothing short of amazing what they are doing here.  They have given up a comfortable life to take care of these children in true need.
Here is what they have done...

They have the children get up at 6 am everyday to work in their organic garden and bakery.  They keep the produce they grow and sell the baked goods to the community to make money to feed and clothe the children.  They bake white bread, muffins, banana bread, and cookies.  The children all know how to bake these items.

They also have the children paint pictures and t-shirts.  They sell for 300 Baht which is about $10.  That is expensive for Thailand, but the money they make from it goes into their own personal "account."  They then get to buy a book or small toy and clothing with it. They are really quite good.  It is all up to their own initiative.  They can choose if they want to spend their time doing it or not.  I could tell the children who had not made any were quite sad when we were buying the tshirts and artwork yesterday. I am sure when we go back today there will be many more! :)  What a great way to teach the parable of the sower!  My kids need to do this more. 

The children are so good natured.  It all goes back to the "tone" I talked about earlier.  Root, Rosa, and Boy (funny name, ha?) LOVE these kids.  They consider all of the children there to be part of their family.  They have a family tree on the bakery window with all of their pictures together.

 they are the ones that are truly happy...


  1. Allyson, I found this blog through a posting on another blog and have been truly amazed by what you have done. If there were more people like you and you're family the world would be a much better place. Looking at all these smiling children so happy and not because of the materialistic items in their life but simply because that’s all they know from the love they recieve from Root and Rosa. You and Matt are true teachers and role models for your kids. These post are fantastic and I look forward to see what you are up to next.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Ps what type of donations are needed?

  2. Monica, Thank you! This has truly been an amazing experience for us. What they really need are monetary donations. I know that with some places you are worried that it will not get to the children, but that is not the case here. If you want I can get you the address to send the money to. They also are always needing clothes. Having to clothe and get shoes for 36 growing children is quite a challenge for them. We are going to the market tomorrow to buy them shoes and clothes. You could also send $ to my house in the US and let me know how much you want to spend and we will do it tomorrow. Thank you for your kind words. Alllyson

  3. Allyson -
    Just finding your blog through Clover Lane. Do you have a link on your website for members of us "general public" who wish to donate to any of the places you and your family visit?
    I'm just in jaw dropping awe of your bravery and compassion. Am hoping and praying I can muster an ounce of it, as my children grow. We'd love to follow in your families good natured footsteps.
    Carry on!