Monday, January 17, 2011

Words by sweet Olivia...

I have learned that to Thai people putting your hands in your pockets is rood.the thai people here are so grashus and so kind!  It is to hot here so nobody has hottubs.the little orphans are so happy and are grateful for they have!they have to take showers with really cold hose water.there is a brother and sister there. their names are em and beam!em is a little munchkin.he is so cute!! Beam is shy but always holds my hand. I really want to bring her home and have another sister.  I can hardly wait until I get to go everyday and see her.  It mkes me so happy when we are there.I am grateful that we have dish washers because the thai people do not have them.the orpaans are so funny, playful, nice, and cute.   the Thai food is so  fresh. but they also have really gross food that  i persanly think no kid would like.the staff that work at the hotel are so aweome! cole wich is one of the wokers tryed to play Pool with a paint brush i dident realy work out very well.the beach is awesome I went on a surf bord  with a padle by my self! I was fun until i  saw a giant jelliy fish! It was really pink and big. I went back on the sand.  On sams birthday we went snorkeling and I was really nervous.  I did not want to do it.  My mom said just try it .  I did and I loved it.  We saw a starfish and there were alot of different kinds of fish and we saw an eel.


  1. Love it Livi - Awesome post! Ally, got home from mccall and read your whole blog - so fun, love it! I still want you to come and sit on my couch and tell me all your stories though, even if I've read them here ;)

  2. sounds like your family is having a wonderful experience. We can't wait to see your tshirts and art work that you bought yesterday. we look forward to checking your blog every morning for an update. what a neat orphanage that you were at yesterday. that is pretty amazing that the kids all know how to bake bread. very fun. hey, we loved the pictures of your family riding elephants. i can't wait to hear all about that when you get home.

  3. You have my respect. What you're doing is so important, and the things your family will learn are priceless. It's all so wonderful.