Thursday, January 27, 2011

A visit to their Buddhist Temple

They take their shoes off indoors everywhere here, but especially at their temple.  We went in and the children were able to light and incense and hold it why Boy talked to them about something spiritual I am sure.  This language barrier can be so bothersome sometimes.  I have been cursing the people at the Tower of Babel a lot this trip :)  Anyway, the children sat for 15 minutes and were just still.  Ashton even did it!  What a neat experience for my children. 

About the idea of being still to just think-I read this quote yesterday and loved this.
Be still and know that I am God.
Be still and know that I am.
Be still and know.
Be still.

Our culture has a hard time being still. I have a hard time being still.  When I try to be still and just think for a moment I am suddenly thinking that I need to go change the laundry, that I forgot to call someone back, what I need at the grocery store...

I really want to change this about myself.  I really want to get up earlier and have my own quiet time.  I am not sleeping very well here.  I really think it is because I keep seeing all the faces of the children here over and over in my mind.  So at 3 or 4 am I am up and it is quiet.  I have hours to myself to think, read, write in my journal.  Surprisingly enough when the kids get up I am ready to start making breakfast, getting them ready etc.  I have filled my reservoir, I haven't been tired and I feel so much better (even though I am living on much less sleep!)  At home I try to do this at night, but it is not the same.  I am tired after a long day of everything.  For me, I am realizing, I need to do this in the morning when I get back to my day to day life in Eagle.  I am going to make myself do this every morning.  I am sure the first few days might be hard, but after that I am sure I will look forward to it.  Someone please send me some will power to get up!!!

"What are you prepared to do to significantly increase the level of peace, happiness, and fulfillment in your life?  How far are you prepared to go?  How much are you prepared to give?  Are you prepared to give one hour a day?  I would like to encourage you to give one hour a day.  This time becomes another landmark in our day and helps us to restore and maintain the rhythm of life. "  Matthew Kelly

I also read in Clayton Christensen's article in the Harvard Business Review "How Will You Measure Your Life"-that he also takes one hour of his day in prayer, scripture study, and pondering.  He has done it since college.  I am thinking this is one of those ideas that after I do it I'll again say to myself, "Ah, I get it now" and what took me so long to figure this out?!!!

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