Monday, January 24, 2011

Taking the Holland House kids on a day trip to a waterfall

First I want to introduce you to the bus.

This is Beam.  She never leaves Olivia's side and Olivia never stops begging to bring her home with us.  I've already said yes a hundred times.  Matt says if he says yes now, we will collect children everywhere we go, which is probably true...

This is no ordinary bus.  My kids were thrilled with the open air and no seat belts.  There was not enough room for all the kids to sit on a seat so they all just sat on top of each other in the middle.  With no complaint.  No fighting over who got a bench and who got the floor.  (I of course had to point that out to my children who currently are receiving an F in car etiquette here.  Matt and I voted last night in the car.  An A for the airplane and an F for the car.)  So, off we went.

Right before the waterfall there was a place where you could ride elephants.  We asked the bus driver to stop so the children could all feed a banana to a baby elephant.

Some were excited and some were scared and just threw the banana at the elephant.  It was so funny.

We then went on to the base of the waterfall where we had our picnic lunch.  The children first had to "wash their hands" with water from the stream.  They are very clean here.

Sam and Brandon were able to help serve up our lunch of rice and cucumbers and a little chicken. Oddly enough, that was one of their favorite things from that day.
This is our sweet 2 year old that is still very weary of things and people.  She has only been at the orphanage a few weeks and is having a hard time.  She took to this sweet bus driver.  He carried her everywhere, fed her, and let her sit on his lap.  He was so gentle with her.  I've never met a bus driver that came along to help.  He was a kind soul.
 We then started walking up the hill to let the kids play in the water.  One again most of the kids went in their undies or clothes.  Some of the kids had bathing suits.  It was neat to see the girls wearing some that I had brought that Olivia used to wear.

 Let the fun begin!

And my very favorite...
I think those pictures say it all.  Thanks Paula for making it possible!

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