Thursday, January 27, 2011

A day at the beach with Home and Life Orphanage

There is nothing like a day on the beach.  I am a Southern CA gal, so nothing is more beautiful to my soul than the ocean.  Sorry mountain folk.  Pine trees and mountain tops are beautiful, but don't hold a candle to a sunset at the beach.We were able to go to a local beach with the Home and Life Orphanage.  It makes you smile inside when you get to experience something with people who are so filled with gratitude and excitement.  They were all so filled with joy.  Most were in their undies happy to be out and about.

Tyler, Brandon, Peter, Steven, and Ashton--a moment to remember
Steven and Cyndi-Cyndi is the cutest Tom Boy you will ever meet.  She ran around with the boys all afternoon in her undies catching crabs.  They attached a string to a stick and put some bait on the end of it.  They would then dip the stick in the cracks of the rocks and every once in awhile they would get a big crab on the end of it.  It was so fun to hear their screams and see pure excitement on their faces.

 Beam,Pupe, Bow, Olivia, and Fa-inseparable friends!

 After the beach on our way to a waterfall.  So wish we could travel like this in the states!

We had a wonderful day.  It has made my heart happier than I can explain to spend time with these souls.  To watch my children never communicate with words-only kind gestures, fun games, and a communication from the heart.  Kids are amazing that way. 

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