Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What a day :)

Today was a great day.  Nothing extraordinary about it.  No major deed was done, or some fantastic experience.  When we were planning the trip I imagined days like this.  We were all together, kids were happy and helping, and we were making a difference for someone, somewhere. 
We were at the Home and Life Orphanage today.  Our main goal that we had for today was to get as much of the indoor painting done that we could and to stain the large ramp that we built going up to the restaurant.  Mission accomplished!   All with 40 little helpers in and out :)  So with 40 little helpers, paint, and being surrounded by sand it was quite the experience.  I LOVE that the children are all eager to help.  They want to be a part of it. So, we bought a million paintbrushes and kissed our ideas of a "clean and well managed painting day" out the window. Once again, Root never said or hinted that the kids couldn't be a part of it.  He only said one thing, "Just tell the kids not to paint the light switches."  This is not even my restaurant and I was worried about ruining his year of hard work.  So we let the kids help all they wanted inside and out and then we just went back over it with another coat.  Double the work, but double memories.
Took me a half an hour to get this off in the shower.  Matt asked me how it was going during my shower--I told him I was tired :) Look at little Ashton.  These pictures don't do it justice...Anyone want to mail some new shorts?  We only brought 3 pairs, so I guess we are down to 2 :)

 Let's take a look at how he got this way...

Emily is such a darn cutie-look at this smock she made so that she wouldn't get paint on her clothes. Love it.  She can even look cute in a garbage sack

This little Cinderella is trying to scrub off her paint drippings.

A little break. But this sand is what kept getting back on our newly painted ramp!

Doug adding some grip to the ramp. He is a working machine

Matt, Root, Bow, and Fa

Finished up the last of it with some flashlights.  These kids worked their little hearts out today.  Not one complaint.

Most of these pictures were taken before all the orphans got home from school.  I am so bummed that I have no pictures of when the million kiddos were all helping paint!  I think I was too busy managing  kids walking on it with sand, the occasional paint fight, the slips, and the spills.  That will just have to be a memory in my head :(

Can you see why this was a perfect day?  I loved every minute of it.  The kids all worked so hard.  I know they are feeling something different inside.  It is proof that service makes us all happier.  It shows that when we are doing something for someone else life is better.  It just feels good. 

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