Thursday, February 23, 2012

$10 X 100 people in 24 hours- We are in need of a donation!

Dear friends,
    We are slowly approaching the opening of the restaurant for the Home&Life Orphanage! We are so happy for them.  We are all working hard to get it finished for Monday-(that would be Sunday for all of you!)  It is going to be a big deal with political leaders and many people from surrounding areas coming for the grand opening.  The girls will dress up and do their Thai dancing and the boys will do their Thai boxing!  It will be a really neat day.  We have bought lots of food, supplies, and a new espresso machine for them.  But...we need your help!
     We are in need of one more thing for them.  Their commercial coffee maker that they have used at their bakery for years just broke.  Perfect timing :)  They have tried to fix it and it works for a bit, but then it just breaks down again.  A new one is about $1000.  With your help I think we could raise the money in the next 2 days and have it before they open on Monday!  It is imperative that they have this for their restaurant as it is one of the main things ordered here.
      As I was in bed this morning I was trying to think of a way that this could be done in such short notice.  What if 100 people donate $10 in 24 hours?  We could get it done!! This is a great organization to donate to as they are really trying to be self-sufficient.  A man named Albert from Holland has been with Root and Rosa helping this orphanage survive since it's opening after the tsunami.  He has done fund raisers and sought out donors to make this restaurant happen.  One man making a huge difference for a worthy cause. I love it.  Let's all do this one last thing to help them be successful!
       If you are reading this, can you PLEASE re-post this on your blog to get the word out?  I also posted this on FB so you can copy it to your wall.  To make the donation go to   They have a paypal account there.  Put down that the donation is for the new coffee maker.   I will let you know when we reach our goal!  Thank you in advance for helping out!!

They will be doing Thai dancing and boxing at the opening!


  1. Just made a donation, but I didn't see any place to leave a comment for coffee maker. Glad that things are going well.

  2. Found your post via Devin Thorpe. Donated $10.

    It's a little unclear if you need $1000 or $3000.

    Hope this helps.

    1. Thanks for the donation! We had a little translation issue--so they need $1,000, not $3000 phew. Is there a place that says I still need $3000? I thought I deleted that!

  3. I made a donation as well - there is not place to indicate it is for the coffee maker. Good luck!

  4. Likewise ~ couldn't find out where to indicate coffee maker... but GOOD LUCK!