Sunday, October 4, 2015

This week my companion and I witnessed a miracle. Like a big one. Coolest thing ever. So last week I talked about that woman who got all of her stuff stolen by her daughter in law. So she had no money and borrowed about $150 bucks to buy a new machine and some coconuts to start making money again. Last week we met with her and after we gave her our lesson Elder Brewer said the closing prayer. He asked God if Ming could have a miracle in her life. We left and then came back a couple days ago. We rode our bikes to her little hammock place and she told us something that just blew my mind. She said the day after we prayed with her she was walking and just found a bag of money on the ground with like 200,000 rial (60 bucks)!!!! Which is an insane amount of money. Especially in Prae Choo. She already payed a lot of the money back before she found the bag so now she is almost done paying back all the money! Man, that experience just totally reminded me that God truly knows us. He cares about everyone even old sugar can juice ladies in the little town of Prae Choo. She shared the coolest testimony yesterday. SO SICK

So right now we have about 6 investigators with baptismal dates, but the other day we were visiting some of them and we found two of them totally drunk or in the process of becoming drunk. I was so mad cause we pulled up to Om june's house and he was sleeping, or I thought he was he was just so drunk he couldnt even sit up. He saw us and then got up and started to yell all around to the other little huts to come learn with us. Ha it was way funny cause he made no sense but also way sad cuz he hadnt dranken anything for like 2 weeks and he was supposed to get baptized soon. So we got to wait a while for him now. Alcohol is just so dumb. It literally ruins so many lives here. Lots of dads just get super depressed because of how hard their life is and just give up. 

I think it was on Wednesday, we started to wait on the rode to hop on a car to get to our other area. We were walking down on the rode and this lady with her toddler girl came up to us with some pretty desperate faces and was asking for money. I opened up my wallet and gave her 10,000 rial which isnt even 3 bucks and handed it to her. Apparenly that is a ton of money to give a beggar here, but i didnt know that, she looked at the bill and just started to cry. Like a lot. She got on her knees and was just saying thank you thank you and crying. She got up picked up her kid and was on her way smiling still tearing up. That experience was just one of those moments in your life where you just reevaluate everything. If 3 dollars can make someone that happy, I need to change some stuff. I just, idk ,me feeling bad about myself not knowing anything didn't really seem that important anymore. Every day im just realizing how truly blessed we are. Sometimes we just have no idea, and I’m finally realizing it.    

Funny story, the other day we were in a lesson and Elder Brewer pulled out his scriptures and when he was passing them across the bamboo table this purple goop fell from the banana leaves that were covering us and landed on his scriptures. We looked up and this semi big lizard was just staring at us. It totally pooped on his scriptures and left a nasty stain! HA the little kids were dying. Oh and another thing happened that was just wierd. We were teaching like this 60 year old woman (idk thats just how old she looks) and in the middle of the lesson this little kid came up on her lap and she just started breast feeding right in front of us with not a care in the world. It was just one of those moments where you're just like whoah is this actually happening, and then that turned into when you  cant stop smiling or laughing, and it wasnt even funny but like I couldnt stop smiling and laughing. I just did my best to bite my tongue and just stare at her face. We shared for a little longer and then left. Way funny. 

We had zone conference last week and let me tell ya President and Sister Christensen are some of the coolest people ever. They are just so passionate about making this mission amazing. I love it. President Christensen talked about being an accidental disciple and a deliberate disciple. He pretty much told us that most of us were accidental disciples and how we all needed to transition to become a deliberate disciple. He said its your choice to CHOOSE if you are going to be someone who follows Jesus Christ because you have to or becuase you truly want to because he is your Savior and your older brother. Im definitely butchering it, but man he killed it. It was so awesome.

The mission is going good, I still barely understand anything but I'm trying my best. The Church is true and I love how happy it can make sad people. It truly gives people hope and a divine purpose here on Earth. Love you all


Beautiful ruins

We got really lost.


    1. Sweet!!!.I need to know more about this:accidental disciple and deliberate disciple

    2. Sweet!!!.I need to know more about this:accidental disciple and deliberate disciple