Wednesday, March 7, 2012

India :) Rising Star Outreach

I don't have a lot of time, and I am a couple of posts behind, but I just wanted to get some pictures of our India experience on Day 2.  We are already smitten by these 200 children...

The children never want to let go of my kids :)

Utter beauty

Helping the children with their English reading

Teaching the 5 senses

Charlotte is an absolute celebrity here.  The kids can not get enough of her. 

Where ever Matt takes Charlotte, that is where the kids go

This little guy was so earnestly showing me his splits

The girls teaching Sam how to eat with his fingers...


  1. So excited that you get to go to Rising Star and visit with all the children! They love families! Tell them all Hello from the Hendershot's. Make sure you get to go to the Moot colony with your kids! So Jealous!

    1. We got to go to the Moot Colony today. I'm not sure there are words to describe the emotions we all felt there. It was a day to remember. Jayraj (sp) is my new HERO. Such JOY amidst such adversity. I think I will request to go visit there on a daily basis :)

  2. You made it! Yay! Love the pics.

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