Friday, February 3, 2012

If you would like to...

Some of you have asked if you can help donate to the orphanage in Cambodia.  Botevy told me today that they are in need of 5 more sleeping mats for the children.  They have taken more children in and can not afford to buy them.  Right now they are sleeping on the tile floor.  They also are in need of 5 metal dressers for clothes.  The mats are $30 each and so are the dressers.  If you would like to buy one for the orphanage just let me know!


  1. Great! Do you have a paypal? my email is if you want to let me know how. Calvin and I would like to contribute. What an amazing cause.

  2. Allie Glen and I would love to help with the dressers and/or mats just let us know how to get you the money. Also did you get our message about looking for dental opportunities we could help with?

    Angie Stephenson (

  3. We are in too. Just let us know how.

  4. We'd also love to email is kendra_nieman at we can do paypal, or whatever other method works for you! please let me know!!!

    1. I would love to contribute also! Just found your blog and I am so amazed by you and your family. My email is

  5. I would like to help also. email me at

    Love what your doing out there and as a mother in your own family. What a great example. thank you. -Nashina