Sunday, February 26, 2012

Holland House Orphanage and Day Care for kids in povery-the cutest little kids on the planet

Once again I have about 5 posts to catch up on!  It was so wonderful to be back at the Holland House.  These children melt your heart, mostly wanting to just be held and get personal attention.  I love watching our kids when we visit here.  It is so natural for them to scoop up these children and love them to pieces.

This little one has THE BEST smile and giggle. Love her.

Once there was a snowman, snowman...they laughed so hard at this song

the aftermath and lots of bubble spills later

After we played we fed them.  They always put their hands together and say "Kupenka."  I am going to implement this at my home.  Whenever I do anything for my kids they need to bow their head, put their hands together and say thank you :)

Don't you just love that Charlotte is feeding a little guy her own age :)

These children are so well behaved.  They all know to sit in lines, clear their dish, and then get in line for teeth brushing, shower, and nap.  The order they have here is incredible.  (The children do get hit with a little rod if they do something they aren't supposed to. I've never seen it, but the volunteer there has)
Next are the showers...

Dishes :)

The kids brush their teeth, shower, and go to the bathroom all in the shower.  It is so darn cute watching all of them in there.

They put baby powder on their faces to help with sweat

Now nap time...

Sleep tight little ones!

Every time we leave the Holland House we understand even clearer why the Savior always gathered the children around Him.  They are so innocent. so naturally loving and forgiving.  Their hearts are pure.  They are submissive.  They are joyous even though their circumstances are less than ideal.  It has been such a honor to spend time with these little ones.  They have taught me to love unconditionally and open my arms to new people.  I hope by the end of my lifetime I will be closer to "becoming as a little child."


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