Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eagle Boys Service Group --First Service Project!

 Service Activity number one down!  The boys helped the Treasure Valley Down Syndrome organization with an Easter Egg hunt for the children.  There were over 500 eggs to hide-the kids LOVED it!  They helped hide the eggs and do some setting up for the event.

 It made my heart so happy to see these boys so at ease with these precious children.

 We also brought a couple of different activities to do with the children-there was a bean bag toss, bubbles, balloons, and a great game of kickball.

 The 4H group brought chicks and bunnies for the children to play with.

 This sweet Bailey struck the cutest pose when I took this picture! 

It was a great day.  I was crossing my fingers that everything would work out and it did.  What a great group of boys!!  The parents were all asking who these boys were.  They commented on how good they were with the children and how helpful and polite they were.  You go boys :)


  1. Nice BUTT shot of me YUCK!!!
    Very proud of the boys also and a big thanks to you for having this wonderful idea and carrying it through

  2. Very cute. Thank you for planning this first activity. They were awesome.

  3. Awesome Boys and moms, you guys are so inspiring I love it!