Sunday, October 31, 2010

Carefree Timelessness...

This to me is the epitomy of what carefree timelessness is so easy to recognize it when you see it, just easy unassumming family togetherness.  We see it and we are immediately attracted to it.  When I look at this picture I want to jump back in that moment.  It was a crisp fall day in McCall.  I grabbed some snacks, got shoes, socks, and sweatshirts on and ignored the whining comments of not wanting to go. (This is always amazing to me.  Who wouldn't want to go on a Rhino ride into the mountains and soak up nature by finding sticks, throwing rocks, playing pine cone baseball, holding hands and reconnecting?!)  I knew they wanted to go, but for some reason it seems to be so much fun to moan and pretend you are so put out at first.  But the second they were all loaded in the smiles immediately overtook the initial hesitant remarks.  We were off.  It was what a mother always yearns for.  No homework, no soccer, no friends, no spills, no anything.  It was just us.  Our little Smith Crew as we call it.  It was a couple of hours that had to be created to press a reset button in us.  Matt and I have really tried to be conscious of carving out time to create moments of nothingness.  Every time we do we are recharged and have added a priceless memory into our children's book of experiences that they can replay anytime in their heads.  I love it when my 4 year old Ashton talks about things that we have done months earlier.  They do remember and they do love it.


  1. I am so happy to be your very first follower!! Allyson your family is absolutely beautiful! I love that you are blogging so I can follow along and we can keep in touch!! xoxo

  2. Hey Allyson. I sure agree with Pam. Great job on this. Awesome message. Keep us inspired!!!